Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween kitsuke and party

On Halloween I wore kimono, quite literally, all day.
To class, I wore a buttery yellow komon with Heian period carts. I paired it with a red hanhaba obi, white han eri, red zouri, and orangey/salmon pink obiage. After spending about 2o minutes the night before trying to figure out what obijime matched this ensamble, I opted not to wear one. I borrowed a musubi style made up by one of the women on the immortalgeisha forums (Bebemochi). Picture was taken after a 3 hour car ride from Albany, NY to Staten Island (which is why the ohashori is messed up), and about 10 minutes before I changed into another outfit for Andrew's parent's halloween party.
The Halloween party was Asian themed. So, Andrew and I both took the opportunity to wear our kimono. I did not wear the same kimono that I had worn to class, I changed into another ensamble. To the party, I wore my lavender komon with embroidered rabbits, black holyhock obi (embroidered and shibori), white han eri, light blue obiage, pink obiage and obijime, and pink zouri. I actually used a suggested color combination from Utsukushii Kimono (Winter 2007). The original color combination was everything I had listed, except with a red obijime. I really loved that combination, but alas, do not own a red obijime.
Andrew looked amazing!! He did most of his kitsuke himself, with the exception of his kai no kuchi (貝の口) musubi - I helped him with that. Andrew wore his blackish/brown Oshima tsumugi (大島紬) kimono and mactching haori, paired with his white obi. He did not have a juban(襦袢) at the time, which is why he is not wearing one. In my opinion, his mannerisms while wearing kimono are absolutely perfect.

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